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topic posted Mon, July 31, 2006 - 8:48 PM by  Sita
Getting my new tattoo [] was no easy feat. But this of course is very typical of Ma & Shiva. I should've known some sort of test/initiation would be involved where they are involved. But, in the end everything turned out fine, also typical of these deities. I passed the initiation, even if it cost me a friendship. Gains & losses. This is what they teach. Attachments are ok if you can learn from them, & becomming unattached is the goal when the time has come to move on. I was fearful, I went thru much pain, & I came out the other side with a badge that will be there forever. Just another trip thru the Underworld.
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    when I got a kali bija mantra tatooe on my wrist
    it was definitely an initiatory process
    ma is intesne in the way she shatters illusion

    but the beuaty is with her
    truth aslways wins at the end of the tunnel
    there is light

    jai ma kali
  • i,ve got a karli tatoo wored out a big one of her for my back ! ive been putting it off , not sure why you've given me the reminder i needed - thankyou

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